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In her own words ...

Hi! My name is Kaley and I preserve floral arrangements in epoxy in Ocala, Florida.


A little about me: I married my husband Kyle in October of 2022. We met and worked together at Churchill Publix. Publix is a huge part of our lives (we bleed green!) we are (pet) parents to our cat Payton and Springer Spaniel Benson! I am as girly as it gets, I love to shop, have an earring and shoe obsession, and love the color pink! My family and friends mean the world to me and in my free time they are usually who you can find me with. I was born and raised in Ocala. Anyone who knows me knows I love this place! I can’t wait to start my future family in this town. I founded Lasting Love Arrangements in 2022. 


As a little girl it was always hard for me to part with things. Everything I owned had a special meaning to me and I would hold on to it forever(I guess you could call me a hoarder) Well as a bride in 2022 I just knew I was going to want to hold on to my flowers forever.


I decided to practice preserving flowers with my own bouquet and as I would finish a project I would post a picture on social media and my inbox started flooding with inquiries! 


Having my floral resin piece placed in my home reminds me of one of my most special days.


Preserved flowers can be for all types of events: weddings, funerals, baby keepsakes, and even just for fun!


Lasting Love arrangements is here to make your love last forever! I can’t wait to see what you let me create next.




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